You might have seen a number of people and companies describing SEO as a process which makes your site rank better in search engines. While that is true, people are often too focused on that aspect of this service and they don’t go into too much detail on how they plan to achieve this. Namely, there is a great difference between making your site rank better and making your site deserve better rankings.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of different processes that aim to improve your website’s ranking in Google Search for as many relevant phrases as possible.
The goal of the website optimization is to get the best ranking possible for your website for all the phrases used in searches that can bring conversion to you.

Why Is It Important to Have Your Website Optimized?

Search engine optimization is useful because it helps place your website among the first search results for a wide range of phrases, bringing more visitors to your website. Furthermore, increase in the number of visitors leads to a higher number of enquiries about your product/service from the visitors. That is the only way your website can truly improve your business. Search engine optimization, i.e. your website’s frequent appearance on the first page of Google Search results for a vast number of phrases, also contributes to making your brand better known. When you have a website that has a high ranking, you are always present, and you are not actually advertising your business.

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The good: strategies that work

Although SEO can be regarded as an art of creating an online identity, the truth is there is some science behind it. Of course, this does not involve lab experiments or extensive mathematical calculations, yet it does include some degree of expertise. In fact, SEO covers multiple aspects and only when each of them is optimized to Google’s liking, a websites can truly develop.

  • Technical SEO: Onsite Audits
  • Blogger Outreach
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Google Penalty Removal
  • Local SEO

If this sounds too technical for you, the good news is that there are people who can take it over for you. At Four Dots, we can do everything from exhaustive and creative keywords research and analysis, to extensive onsite optimization, white hat link building, as well as providing relevant and useful content that your visitors can actually enjoy and share with their friends. Basically, everything that will help search engines recognize your quality.

The bad: activities to avoid

A lot of companies deal in black or grey hat SEO. If you are not familiar with the terms, they denominate semi-ethical practices like content scraping, article spinning, keyword stuffing and other, which can generate some results, but are frowned upon by search engines. This makes any results that you might have noticed very short-lived and unstable.

The ugly: your worst nightmare

By employing any strategies from the above section, not only will you miss out on real, lasting benefits from them, you are running the risk of having your site penalized and completely removed from search results pages (condition known as Google Hell).


Fortunately, there is always someone to cover for you. Four Dots has helped a number of websites recover from the dreaded Penguin, or Panda and manual penalties, and we can do that for your site as well. You can contact us if your site has been hurt by Penguin or Panda algorithm updates to have the damage undone. While this might sometimes be a lengthy process, our ethical and comprehensive search engine optimizing techniques ensure that you will once again see your website in search results, steadily climbing towards the top.

Search Engine Optimization Process

Search engine optimization process is performed through a number of phases and it is best to think about it even before creating the website. Optimization phases during the process of creating a new website are:

  • Niche analysis
  • Conceptualization
  • The making of the website
  • Creating the website contents
  • On-site optimization
  • Off-site optimization

An existing website can also be search engine optimized. In that case, there are the following phases:

  • Niche analysis
  • SEO brief
  • Software upgrades
  • Content upgrades
  • On-site optimization
  • Off-site optimization

158 Digital Media experts have already proven their position when it comes to website optimization, so feel free to contact us by filling out the contact form below.

Our search engine optimizing approach is always guided by white hat or ethical SEO principles, which is to say that we don’t deal in quick fixes and shortcuts. We employ our extensive experience and expertise in making your site naturally climb in rankings by offering professional SEO consulting which is supposed to make your site actually deserve a better position in search engine results pages.

Our experience recommends us as the best SEO company to hire in case you have had any Google-related issues – like having your website penalized because of some of the mentioned unethical practices; or if you want us to develop a creative content strategy both users and search engines will love.